Thursday, October 11, 2012

Basic Ballet for Absolute Beginners

Starting next weekBasic Ballet for Absolute Beginners
Have you always wanted to start ballet but you think you have two left feet? Have you already taken some beginner classes but you're still confused about plies, tendues and degages? Are you a more advanced dancer but you want to practice your basic technique and build core strength and flexibility? If you've answered to yes to any of the above then you should try our new Basic Ballet class!
This class will be a gentle introduction to Ballet and will reinforce fundamental technique by learning the basic ballet steps and positions at the barre. Additional exercises on the floor will increase core strength, flexibility and balance.

If you can't make it every Friday, don't worry, questions are encouraged! 

Basic Ballet for Absolute Beginners
Fridays 5:00 to 6:00 pm, starting October 19th (no class October 26th)
Braun Gym Multipurpose Room
Attire: Contrary to popular belief, no tutus are required. Please wear comfortable clothes that allow full range of motion and socks or ballet slippers.
Cost: free!

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